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About Tristan Faulkner

Tristan Faulkner is an English Singer-Songwriter, currently living and performing in France. First given a guitar at age 5, Tristan began to learn Oasis and Dylan songs, taught to him by his farther.

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With access to the family CD collection Tristan discovered more about the singers-songwriters his family would listen to on long car journeys. Seeking out artists such as Jonie Mitchel, David Grey, Cat Stevens, Suzanne Vega & Joan Baez among others; Tristan developed a love of folk music.

In 2009 when Tristan was 9 years old his family set out to make a life in Lower Normandy in France. A rural location and the long holiday periods afforded to students in France, Tristan had the perfect environment in which to channel his musical aspirations and begin the journey to becoming a talented and innovative guitarist.

Growing older and discovering new artists independently of his parents, Tristan began writing his own song from the age of twelve. Inspired by the Singer-Songwriter genre of Ed Sheeran which sent him in the direction of other artists such as, Passenger, Ben Howard, and The Lumineers. “The Free Wheelin' Bob Dylan” was also an album of great importance at this time.

Tristan started performing covers live at a young age, but it wasn't until he was 15 that he started to perform his own songs. The songs were well received, thus giving him the confidence to use more in his live sets.

Not yet sixteen years old in July of 2015 he released his first independently produced Ep of six original songs entitled 'Lost' which captures various issues relating to his coming of age such as the desire to become the master of his own destiny and of the excitement and emotional roller-coaster that comes of falling in love for the first time.

Link to lost : https://soundcloud.com/tristan-faulkner/sets/lost-ep

Just over a year after his first Ep, in August 2016 Tristan began recording his first album, the album would contain 11 songs that had been written over the past year. Tristan decided early on that the album would be recorded in an acoustic fashion. “16” was released in April 2017, on it's release date a concert was held in the “Coquelicot” in Fougères.

Link to “16” : https://tristanfaulkner.bandcamp.com/album/16

In June 2018 Tristan graduated from Lycée having received a BAC in French Literature. During the Summer he began recording another Ep, the result was two new recordings. The Balcony, a song of mundane, dream filed winter weeks, and weekend conversations with a friend, the song has more production than Tristan's previous album, containing guitar, bass guitar, Piano and Electric piano, played by Tristan as well as drums played by close Friend Morgan Witley-Richards. And Autumn Girl a song of unrequited love, with a Nick Drake inspired tune.

The two songs were released on Spotify on November 16th 2018.
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© Tristan Faulkner

Title: The Balcony (July 2018)

“The Balcony” is a song that weaves in and out of dream and reality, describing the mundane weekdays starkly contrast with the haven of a friends balcony. Upon which one can safely drink, listen to music and talk. The nostalgic tune made up of smooth pianos and guitars with the drumming once again taken care of by close friend Morgan Witley-Richards as such it was only fitting that he should appear the cover. Especially with the song being about his balcony.

  • The Balcony
  • Autumn Girl

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Title: 16 (2017)

Recorded from August to September, shortly after Faulkner turned 17, 11 songs written during the previous year were chosen to illustrate a year, as seen through the eyes a 16 year old Englishman living in Normandy.

Having written the 11 songs on his Epiphone EL-00 Tristan decided that the album would be an acoustic album, with flourishes such as back in singing, multiple guitars, and the occasional bass line.

The running order of the album is pretty much the order they were written in, as Faulkner wanted the album to be a narrative of the previous year. The album on the hole carries youthful energy felt in songs such as “Down This One Road” that describes the first house parties Faulkner experienced in the French countryside. However, at times the songs swoop to moments of profound sadness such as “New Horizons” a song that takes on the dark and cold of the winter experienced when commuting to school at 6 am.

Faulkner also takes the time to analyse love more profoundly on this album in songs such as “In The Dark” a song that describes the struggles that come with a long term relationship. “She said I want to grow old with you, but maybe I just want to grow with you”.

“16” engulfs many different topics from, domestic troubles in “The Four Walls”, the passage of time in songs like “Feel it” and “Looking Back” and even the difficulty that comes with being a stranger when living in a foreign country and the realisation that one has become estranged to his previous home “I stand a stranger to what I used to know, I stand a stranger to what I used to call home”.

  • The Night
  • Like The Rain
  • Down This One Road
  • In The Dark
  • New Horizons
  • Evening Sun
  • The Four Walls
  • Home
  • Looking Back
  • I Need You
  • Feel It

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Title: Lost (2015)

Tristan's first EP, created when he was 15.

Tristan started writing songs at a young age, deciding to take it more seriously from the age of 13 onwards discovering singer-songwriters such as Passenger & Ed Sheeran.

On turning 14 Tristan struck gold with what he believed to be his first song worthy of being recorded or played in public. The song was called “Lost”. Lyrically the song takes on a coming of age theme, the protagonist wanting to become the master of his own destiny. Faulkner reflects on free will itself, coming to the conclusion that at least for the time being he is currently still “stuck on the road that was made for me”.

Tristan decided that he wanted to record an Ep entitled “Lost”, 5 more songs were chosen in the following year to complete the Ep. Songs such as “Way Back” written about a holiday romance. “I Am Yours” Written about falling in love for the first time. And “Things To Come” an optimistic song postulating at what the coming year may hold.

Morgan Whitley-Richards, a close childhood friend of Tristan's did the drumming for the Ep.

Written at ages 14 and 15 “lost” is innocent, optimistic and fresh.

The Ep was recorded in the spring of 2015.

"A lot of love & hard work went into these 6 songs and I hope there will be many more songs to come!"

  • Lost
  • Way Back
  • I Am Yours
  • Midnight Song
  • On My Mind
  • Things To Come

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